About Nofilterco

nofilterco lisa stirling

I'm Lisa, a Auckland based Mum of 3 kick ass, sarcastic kids.  I like Starbucks, haunted buildings, and living life to it's fullest *well to it's fullest that can fit into my budget.

was a dream that bloomed from my blog page Nofiltermum.

But if I take it way back, it probably started when I was a child, I was the middle of 5 kids and everyone always said to me  "Lisa you can't say that!!"   I could and I did, and I DO cos it's the truth (as I see it of course).   I also have a tendency to say something to make it awkward, I thrive at making people feel uncomfortable - in a fun way of course!

No Filter Mum - No Filter Co

They all said my mouth would get me in trouble but it's spawned an obsession, my passion, my fourth baby, and a small business with huge potential.

I am so proud of the community I am building around my business, without people behind me cheering me on I do not know what I'd be doing with my time.

About my business.
Everything I make and sell is made from sustainable products and I support other small businesses with collaborations.  I pick people over profit.

All my paper and card is from sustainable sources, my printer is a local independently owned and operated small business.  My magnets and earrings are made from high quality non toxic materials - they have longevity.

Enough about me though, what about you? Feel free to Email me and say hi.